Tantric empowerement retreat for women


Date to be announced soon
Catskill Mountains, NY



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Do you ever find yourself asking some or all of the above questions? Or maybe you ask how to live a life without fear and inhibitions? How to calmly look at challenges and always find a higher perspective? How to take charge of your life and manifest what you want?

During this retreat we will use Tantric practices that invite you to dig deep inside your self to discover the courage to live with a wide-open heart and with the determination to shed all your limiting beliefs that prevent you from enjoying life! You will learn how to become a conscious creator of your life. All the necessary qualities are inside you and you can intuit them. You may even feel a reluctance to uncover them because you will understand that your life will never be the same afterwards.We will use rituals, meditations, dance, and conscious touch to help us relax deeply into our hearts, awaken joy and spontaneity, learn to experience pleasure with our bodies and souls, and discover everyone’s unique expression of femininity.

We live fast-paced and stressful lives and hardly stop to reflect on what is really important, on why our beautiful and unique souls came to this Earth. This retreat is exactly for that – for stopping and reconnecting with our internal and eternal peace, beauty, inner strength, sensuality, and courage. When such practices are done in a safe and sacred circle of like-minded women the results are especially impactful and long-lasting.



Set in tranquil forests of Catskill mountains this location has a magical calming, rejuvenating and inspiring ambience. Accommodation will be in double rooms with your own bathroom. Delicious vegetarian meals will be provided three times a day.

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Julia spent 20 years in the business world first as an entrepreneur and then as a finance manager in large companies. She experienced first-hand the costs and sacrifices of making an intensive career and how that can cause stress, anxiety and burnout. After having found her own balance, strength and authenticity in her femininity, she now inspires women to uncover their loving, passionate, creative feminine power for living lives that harmoniously integrate professional and private fields.


Julia Berneheim

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Azara spent 14 years in corporate offices before she started traveling the world in a heartfelt search, looking for answers to her many questions. Her explorations and studying led her to a deep understanding that we are all born with unique gifts to share, that all the answers are within, and that each person can become a healer and a creator through their own individual wealth of wisdom.
Azara uses practical and effective tools - play, breath, touch, sound, movement, hypnosis, and Tantric practices to tap into and activate people’s potential. She believes these tools serve as conduits for change.
Azara is always curious and believes in the powers of gratitude, surrender, and magic. Azara's mission is to guide people to awaken their own passion and joy through conscious living.

Azara Edyta Schwartz



The price includes program, accommodation in a double room, three delicious vegetarian meals a day. This is an alcohol-free retreat. Does not include transportation to the venue.


1000 USD


1 hr individual coaching post retreat,
value at 120 Eur

Image by Levi Guzman