Date to be announced soon
Mojacar, Spain


We welcome you to a deeply transformative retreat for women in a breathtakingly beautiful location in the south of Spain. The resort, La Finca Paradiso, offers a magical space resting on a bed of selenite and quartz crystals where you cannot help but feel relaxation, rejuvenation, expansion, and connection with our Mother Earth and the Universe.

In this paradisiacal place we will dive into the world of feminine beauty, sensuality, power, sisterhood as well as the magic of creating your own life with conscious intent. You will receive a huge boost to start living from a place of abundance, joy and alignment with your highest Self. First, we will delve into the subconscious to reprogram the beliefs that limit your ability to enjoy life, to feel passion for what you do, to experience your own divine nature. After this clearance we will embark on a journey of reconnecting with our bodies for a more intuitive and heartful way of living – something that will transform how you relate to people and life in general. You will become more present, content, in flow with what is happening. You will learn to relax into just being thus experiencing the intensity and juiciness of every moment. You will open your body, heart, and soul to the magnificence of life.



The teachings of Julia and Azara Edyta were easy, down to earth, practical, understandable and at the same time powerful and transforming. I experienced very deep transformation regarding my attitude to joy and met self-sabotage right at its face. Love and acceptance which were always present in this circle of women made it easier to go through the process.

It was the best gift I gave myself this year, for my thoughts, for my self-confidence, understanding myself better, working with boundaries. I fell in love with myself again.

All the sharing experiences we had with other women opened my eyes to see how different and diverse we all are! I brought back home new state of mind, I am much calmer, much more optimistic, playful and simply happier.



We will use rituals, meditations, dance, conscious touch, and various tantric techniques to help us relax deeply into our hearts. We will awaken playfulness and spontaneity, learn to experience pleasure with body and soul, and will discover everyone’s unique expression of femininity. Music, sensual dancing, reflective resting periods, and beach time will be woven into the program for gentle integration of the whole experience.

Program of the day will look like this:
8-9 am – morning movement ritual
9-10 am – breakfast
10-12:30 am – morning session
12:30-3:30 pm – lunch
3:30-5:30 pm - afternoon session
5:30-7:30 pm – dinner
8-10 pm – evening session

La Finca Paradiso will be exclusively reserved just for us for this retreat. Accommodations are in shared double or triple bedrooms. More about the location: https://www.lafincaparadiso.com.

Please arrange your travel so you can participate fully in the opening and closing ceremonies.






Julia spent 20 years in the business world first as an entrepreneur and then as a finance manager in large companies. She experienced first-hand the costs and sacrifices of making an intensive career and how that can cause stress, anxiety and burnout. After having found her own balance, strength and authenticity in her femininity, she now inspires women to uncover their loving, passionate, creative feminine power for living lives that harmoniously integrate professional and private fields.


Julia Berneheim

Azara spent 14 years in corporate offices before she started traveling the world in a heartfelt search, looking for answers to her many questions. Her explorations and studying led her to a deep understanding that we are all born with unique gifts to share, that all the answers are within, and that each person can become a healer and a creator through their own individual wealth of wisdom.
Azara uses practical and effective tools - play, breath, touch, sound, movement, hypnosis, and Tantric practices to tap into and activate people’s potential. She believes these tools serve as conduits for change.
Azara is always curious and believes in the powers of gratitude, surrender, and magic. Azara's mission is to guide people to awaken their own passion and joy through conscious living.

Azara Edyta Schwartz


Price includes all activities, practices and ceremonies, 7 nights’ accommodation in cosy double or triple rooms, local, fresh, organic vegetarian food. Airfare, transfers and insurance are not included.


1390 EUR / 1550 USD


Payment conditions: 500 upon registration and is non refundable, remaining amount until July 31st.


1-hour individual coaching online after the retreat to guide you and to keep you inspired to continue with your journey. Value 120 Eur.


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