I thought I had my life planned perfectly! Education in international schools, great career in corporate finance reaching high level positions in Lithuania and Sweden. I was also taking determined steps towards my new goal of becoming a professional board member. I loved my life. Or so I thought. 

The years in the corporate world were full of stress, power games, intense work load and struggles in a mainly male dominated environment. I was proud of myself that I could be as tough and thick skinned as the guys. Little did I know how this behavior was detrimental to me as a woman, as a mother to two daughters, as a friend. 

In 2014 my husband and mentor of 20 years passed away. Nothing can bring one to an awakening as strongly and quickly as a death of a loved one. It certainly made me question the purpose of life and feel the urgency to enjoy every day, live how I want, not how society expects me to. I quit my job and started rediscovering myself, getting to know my own body, mind and spirit, my authentic longings and what it was that made my soul sing. 

I discovered yoga, meditation, tantra, reiki, coaching – practices that allowed me to reconnect with the wisdom of my body, my intuition, my heart. Finding a balance between my mind and my heart and reawakening my feminine essence meant rethinking what was important to me in life, what was my purpose of being here on Earth. 

My vision now is to help other women rediscover their passion for life by reconnecting to their hearts and souls, to their femininity and inner beauty. Life is not about burning yourself out but about creating heaven on Earth and that power to create is in your hands!

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